Nokia Drive app review

Sabbatum Navs bring got to endure amid the most useful innovations of the modern age. It has completely changed the means nosotros travel. We hardly intend virtually it immediately but I hollo upwards that it was less than vi years ago, nosotros were looking at route maps, planning our journeys together with getting lost countless times. One fourth dimension nosotros were driving to a friend's household inwards Warwick virtually one-half an hour's away from our house, took a incorrect plow together with ended upwards on the freeway together with in conclusion inwards Birmingham. In the halt nosotros ended upwards taking roughly two hours earlier nosotros in conclusion flora our friend's house. All of that became a affair of the yesteryear when I bought a used Tomtom One on eBay.

Five years on, I am all the same using the former TomTom sat nav together with regularly bought an updated version of the UK-Ireland map. However, I would halt upwards regretting it every fourth dimension because somehow several postcodes would inadvertently be missing together with the TomTom would endeavor to atomic number 82 me upwards one-way streets, peculiarly inwards London. In the end, I simply gave upwards together with  have non updated my maps for a while.

The Navigation app on my android telephone has come upwards to my rescue a brace of times when I did non bring the Tomtom alongside me or when the address was missing from it. However, the major work was that the app would drain away the telephone battery together with I would bring to drive existent ho-hum peculiarly on junctions equally at that spot would e'er endure a lag. The worst was when you lot lost the GPS betoken together with were left wondering where to become next.

Anyway, I was actually excited when I got my novel Nokia Lumia 900 equally I had heard some nifty things virtually the Nokia Drive sat nav app from some of my friends who bring the Nokia Lumia 800.

Free Maps
Before I could utilization it, I had to download the map together with it took roughly v minutes to download the entire map of U.K. together with Republic of Ireland over our wifi connection at habitation together with best of all, unlike TomTom maps, it is completely FREE of charge. The navigation phonation is available inwards several languages including Galician, Malay together with Tamil. I was curious when I saw at that spot was 1 called Surfer Dude (English). The kids actually similar it together with I bring stuck alongside it equally it e'er thank you lot me up. 

The 4.3" covert of the Nokia Lunia 900 is simply perfect. I initially tried the app out yesteryear using it to drive to Coventry metropolis centre from my household (a distance of virtually 2.4 miles). I used my old Dash Genie telephone holder to create it on my car dashboard. I together with thence selected the 3D map option. 

I laid my finish (Priory Street), striking the "Drive to" push clitoris together with and thence clicked "Start" together with I was fix to go.

It automatically alerted me to the speed limits on the route together with dissimilar my TomTom, got it right. I also tried changing the routes a brace of fourth dimension simply to run into how fast it would recalculate the novel route together with I was pleasantly surprised - it was actually fast together with after flora out that it's fifty-fifty faster than the Tomtom inwards calculating novel routes. The Nokia Drive app also allows you lot to run into famous landmarks on the route yesteryear turning on the Landmarks function.

Coventry cathedral together with other landmarks close the destination.

Since then, I bring used the Nokia Drive app a pose out of times inwards the next weeks after the initial test. I immediately maked most of my favourite locations inwards the metropolis using the 'Pin' function. One of the biggest payoff it has over the Tomtom is the fact that I practise non bring to bear roughly a separate bulky Sat-nav around. 

The farthest I bring gone using it is to Orpington close London from Coventry, a distance of roughly 130 miles. We had absolutely no problems apart from the fourth dimension when I lost the GPS betoken for a few minutes on the M25. In representative you lot are wondering virtually the battery, the telephone all the same had virtually 37% juice left when I in conclusion reached Orpington.

Nokia Drive to the rescue
We were at a conference inwards Brunel University inwards Uxbridge of late together with was giving our friend a elevator to the Uxbridge tube station. I am non familiar alongside the expanse together with nosotros could non discovery the location of the station on our Tomtom when my married adult woman all of a abrupt reminded me that I had the Nokia Lumia alongside me. Fired upwards the Nokia Drive app together with nosotros were at that spot inwards a brace of minutes. Our friend was actually impressed together with I intend nosotros may bring helped Nokia gain a novel customer.  

What I would similar to run into inwards hereafter updates of the app?
I don't intend the Nokia will completely replace our Tomtom equally yet after all, it is a cellphone alongside some nifty features but all the same a mobile phone. I actually missed the mightiness to select alternative routes. For example, for going to London I prefer to utilization the M40 rather than M1 (which is supposedly the fastest together with the alone selection on Nokia Drive) together with I promise hereafter updates to this app volition bring the selection to select together with calculate alternative routes.

One characteristic on Nokia Drive which I actually wanted to endeavor out was the 'My Commute' funtion, which records our driving preferences together with is supposed to give us the latest traffic information, allowing us to avoid jams. Unfortunately this characteristic is not available in the U.K. yet together with I am eagerly waiting for the hateful solar daytime Nokia launches it here.