Jaguar unveils all cycle crusade XJ inwards New York

Last month, Jaguar launched it's novel 2013 model yr XJ together with XF luxury sedans alongside the All Wheel Drive™ together with fuel efficient V6 engines at New York City’s Highline Park.

The Jaguar AWD is an active torque-management organisation which uses a performance-oriented rear-drive bias which tin shift ability to the front end wheels to either pre-empt or counter cycle slip. This allows enhancing traction spell retaining the sporty agility together with steering experience of the rear-wheel crusade versions.

The AWD organisation is paired alongside a novel supercharged 340 horsepower 3-liter V6 engine, alongside eight-speed automatic transmission together with featuring Stop/Start technology.

Jaguar Land Rover engineers spent eighteen months testing the novel all-wheel crusade organisation inward a multifariousness of conditions, including the frozen lakes at their evolution facility inward northern Sweden.