Waterless machine cleaner as well as polisher for alloys

Its been raining on in addition to off the past times twain of days only the hose pipage ban is nevertheless on inwards several parts of the UK. If y'all desire to launder your ain cars, the Mantis waterless auto cleaners would survive ideal.

The guys at JML Direct sent me over to a greater extent than or less to a greater extent than of their smashing products - this fourth dimension the Mantis Perfect Wheels – a auto cleaner in addition to polisher for alloys. This waterless alloy cleaner promises to survive tough on your grubby wheels in addition to gentle in addition to equally it is non-acidic, it won’t harm your wheels or your driveway.
So I followed the directions - I commencement sprayed the rims in addition to left the foam to move into the dirt in addition to brake dust. I used the Mantis Wheel Brush to loosen in addition to take the dirt in addition to grime.
After a few minutes I wiped it off in addition to and then buffed the rims with  amongst the Mantis Microfibre Mitt .

Check out the results:


Shiny Rims Afterwards

Perfect Wheels industrial plant for all bike types including chrome, alloy, steel in addition to fifty-fifty bike covers. You tin become Mantis Perfect Wheels (£9.99) in addition to the Mantis Wheel Brush (£7.99) from ASDA in addition to online at www.mantis-performance.com.