The novel Volvo V40

Volvo has unveiled the V40 at the Geneva motor exhibit yesterday. It is Volvo's outset truthful five-door hatchback.

Roomy interiors.

Volvo is perceived every bit having the safest cars in addition to they are.

This time, they are non exclusively thinking nearly the driver in addition to the passengers only fifty-fifty the pedestrians outside. So inwards example you lot striking someone, an airbag pops out from the raise border of the bonnet to embrace the windscreen in addition to the front end pillars.

And if at that topographic point is an obstruction inwards front end the auto sensors volition discovery it in addition to brake automatically.

The V40 comes alongside the alternative to convey the dynamic spoiler fitted alongside the extra winglets. It volition terms coin though.

Regarding the engines, at that topographic point are several versions in addition to I read that both the 150 in addition to 180bhp petrol engines is the same every bit Ford Focus 1.6. They likewise convey ane version alongside Volvo's ain 2.0L diesel fuel five-cylinder engine.