Mercedes Benz - the luxury brand

Brands sends different messages to consumers together with when I intend of luxury automobile brands, with the showtime images to come upwards to heed is the three-pointed star Mercedes-Benz logo. It is i of the most recognizable together with timeless logos. The High German automobile brands convey built upwards a reputation for skillful engineering, quality, blueprint together with service quality. However, dissimilar BMW, VW or Audi, most consumers automatically associate Mercedes Benz with prestige together with luxury.

However, when people intend of safety, Volvo is the build listed on top. While the Japanese brands are listed high for Quality together with BMW comes on travel past times for functioning (according to The Consumer Reports National Research Center). The solely This is genuinely interesting because Mercedes Benz does build high functioning together with sporty models (for example, the SLK range) together with are besides with the safest cars unopen to (according to Euro NCAP results). Despite this, Mercedes-Benz remains equally i of the travel past times most desired brands with customers unopen to the globe.

Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 BlueEFFICIENCY Sport-Paket AMG (R 172)

Despite the perception the Mercedes-Benz cars are expensive, y'all volition travel surprised to acquire that y'all tin genuinely acquire used models at genuinely affordable prices. However, maintenance tin travel an number equally spare parts tin travel expensive. As e'er I solely recommend that y'all piece of occupation the genuine parts recommended past times the manufacturer. It tin besides seek to travel quite difficult to honor parts for older models. You may require to honor a reputable spare parts dealer.

If y'all alive inward the United States of America together with are looking for Mercedes Benz Parts, I recommend that y'all cheque out High German Star's Mercedes Parts Catalog. With 25 years sense inward the Mercedes Benz parts business, they convey together with extensive inventory with parts parts listed past times chassis or engine type.

Even if the parts y'all seek are non listed, y'all tin contact them via e-mail or on their site using their Online Quote Form. You tin besides drib a trace inward their Discussion Forum where i of their staff volition response promptly.

If y'all are non genuinely certain nigh your chassis type. the site has a Mercedes Model Info cast for quick reference.

I was quite impressed when I read that orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx together with received inside two to 3 days. There is non much data on the site exactly they besides serve international customers.