London Taxi taken over past times the Chinese

Chinese auto manufacturer Geely has bought LTI, makers of the legendary dark London cabs, for £11.4 million. This includes  plant, equipment as well as property, intellectual belongings rights, merchandise marks as well as the "goodwill of the business" equally good as Manganese Bronze Holdings (MBH) 48% stake inwards the articulation enterprise manufacturing fellowship inwards Shanghai gear upwards yesteryear Geely as well as MBH inwards 2009 as well as MBH's stock of unsold vehicles.  MBH is the manufacturer of the cabs.

LTI which is based inwards Coventry went into direction inwards October. According to word reports, production of the TX4 cabs volition nevertheless dice along inwards their Coventry plant. They too cause got revealed plans to come upwards out amongst novel greenish cabs inwards the virtually future.