Dash Cams to the Rescue: HP Car Camcorder f200 review

An increasing number of motorists inwards the Great Britain are installing in-car dashboard cameras or dash cams, every bit they are to a greater extent than popularly known. The mini video cams are fixed discretely on the windscreen of your vehicle. The principal argue is the rising of the so-called "crash-for-cash" scams.

There are gangs who phase simulated accidents inwards companionship to brand fraudulent insurance claims. Their modus-operandi is to slam on their brakes of a precipitous as well as causing the vehicle behind to crash into them. The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that the annual cost of these fraud cases amount to approximately £392 i K 1000 (1). This highlights the importance of this number as well as it is no wonder that many van owners as well as operators convey likewise started to install dash cams inwards their fleet of vehicles. In the resultant of an accident, the accurate recordings of the events tin test useful inwards legal proceedings as well as insurance claims.

Another possible create goodness of installing these cams is that the drivers would in all probability campaign to a greater extent than responsibly every bit they are aware that the cams are running as well as recording their entire journeying every bit well. Thus, they tin encourage safer driving.

On the other hand, you lot may desire to simply tape the beautiful landscape on a trip. I wishing I had i during our amazing driving trip to the Scottish highlands as well as the Isle of Skye final Easter.

There are a hit of dash cams out at that spot amongst prices ranging from approximately £10 to over £100. Their lineament as well as features vary widely every bit well. Anyway, I was delighted when I was given the chance to review the HP Car Camcorder f200. The photographic tv camera is quite small-scale as well as discreetly fits behind the mirror. However, the ability cord dangling downwards was quite annoying as well as I may convey to run it along the top of the windscreen.

The photographic tv camera supports micro SDHC cards upward to 32GB. However, the spare card I had at dwelling identify was alone 8GBs. It has a 2.4" LCD Color TFT covert at the dorsum which helps to position the photographic tv camera as well as is surprisingly clear. I plugged the ability cord inwards as well as started playing approximately amongst the carte du jour which was quite slow to navigate.

First of all I changed the dates as well as fourth dimension as well as and therefore formatted the retentiveness card. I as well as therefore realised that it had started recording. The photographic tv camera allows for total hands gratis performance every bit you lot tin laid the photographic tv camera to commencement recording every bit before long every bit it detects motion. It tin likewise hold upward laid to commencement recording automatically when it detects a collision or precipitous braking situation. You tin require the sensitivity but I intend that it defeats the whole piece of job every bit you lot would desire to run into the events leading upward to an accident every bit good - earlier the collision truly happens. Fortunately, I did non larn the require chances to examination the automatic collision recording characteristic as well as I promise it remains that way.

I recorded a recent trip to my son's school. The photographic tv camera has a broad angle fixed focus lens F2.4 as well as records inwards total hard disk (1920 x 1080) including vocalism recording. It likewise has a built inwards 3-Axis gyro forcefulness sensor which keeps the images steady fifty-fifty on bumpy Coventry side roads.

On playing dorsum the video on our TV, nosotros constitute that the lineament of the video was truly good. I could easily read the auto number plates as well as the distant landmarks nosotros passed on the route were truly clear. Check out the brusk video which I uploaded on YouTube.

I definitely recommend this camera. Prices of the cam varies widely depending on the online retailer, from £85.50 to £114.54.

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